CrossFit Pallas Special: CFP Owners on their Friendship and GRID Wins

CrossFit Pallas Special

This interview expands on the Ithaca Voice article that appeared 11/9/2015.

Tim and Eamon, CFP Owners on their Friendship and GRID Wins

Lex: So you both won your GRID championships. When did the events happen? Both were in California, right? What days?

Eamon: The GRID Invitational happened over the championship weekend- September 17-20, 2015 in Anaheim. My team, The Bridgewater Gladiators, competed in August for 2 days against 8 other North East teams for the right to represent the North East GRID League at the Invitational. Both were amazing experiences!

Tim: The GRID Championship week was the week of September 14th. The Brawlers matches were on 9/17 (Eastern Conference Semi) and 9/20 (GRID Championship Match).

Lex: How long have you both been doing Crossfit? And how do you see (or don’t see) GRiD as an outgrowth of CrossFit?

Tim: I’ve been doing Crossfit since the summer of 2012. I started after finishing up with hockey at Ithaca College. GRID was created by a former member of the Crossfit HQ Media Team – the success of Crossfit, and specifically the Crossfit Games, definitely spawned the birth of GRID. While many of the movements we see in GRID are also seen in Crossfit (any many not – Back Uprise, Backrolls to Support, Double & Triple Touches, 1 Arm OHS) they are in completely different formats. GRID is all about teamwork, substitutions, and operating at redline (maximum output) for as long as possible. Once you dwindle even slightly, you are subbed in for someone who is more fresh and able to work at their maximum output. Crossfit is all about operating within the 70-90% threshold as much as possible (save a few strength or sprint events) – whoever has the best 90% output, wins.

Eamon:  I’ve been doing CrossFit for 10 years now, competitively for 4. Typically- you are in it for the long haul in a CrossFit competition! I see GRID and CrossFit continuing to evolve independently but having its roots in similar methodology.

 Lex: Did you talk/text to one another before or after the events? If so, what did you say?

Eamon:  Tim and I talk and text almost every day, so being in California was no different. I would let him know after their match that he did a great job and I was proud of him. I tried to offer words of encouragement when things didn’t go as planned, and we made sure to meet up in Newport Beach to celebrate after all was said and done!

Tim: Honestly, I’m not a big talker either before or after events. I get supportive texts from my fiance, Caitlin, but that’s the only person I will talk to before a match. She’s been my biggest supporter on this functional fitness (both Crossfit and Grid) from the start, and I couldn’t have had the successes I have without her. Grid’s travel is much more significant than Crossfit – most of our matches are 6 hours or more from Ithaca (Washington DC, Florida, California) so it is hard for Eamon and I to support each other in that respect. The Crossfit Games Regionals, however, are a different story – I have qualified the last 3 years, and Eamon hasn’t missed a day. He has been there as one of my biggest supporters and fans every single year.

Lex: Tell us a bit about some exiting highlights so far and your matches?

Eamon: Winning each match was a pretty big highlight for my team. It’s an adrenalin rush every time you step out onto the competition floor!

Tim: Definitely winning back to back NPGL championships with the Brawlers. The league has been around for only 2 years, but through building an incredibly tight family who supports each other, we have managed to build the first dynasty of Grid.

Making Regionals 3 back-to-back years has been the highlight of my athletic career. Every year I have come closer to my goal of making the Crossfit Games. Year 1, I unfortunately DNF, Year 2, I finished 16th, and in my 3rd year (2015) in the new Super Regional format (where every region was combined with another, yielding a field of 40 athletes, comprised of the top 20 from each region), I was able to finish 8th – only 3 spots from qualifying for the Games. It has been another incredible year so far, and I feel more prepared than ever to chase my goal of qualifying for Carson next year.

Lex: Any reflections on the journeys that you both took since forming your friendship and partnership for Pallas?

Eamon: There have been many ups and downs since opening that little gym on Court St, but friendship and support for each other has always been an underlying theme in our relationship. Tim is an incredibly gifted human being and he is relentless in his personal pursuits as well as helping others achieve their goals. To me, that is something that should be recognized and celebrated.

Tim: This journey has been incredible, put simply. I was set to be an Auditor working 80 hours a week with KPMG before we decided to open Crossfit Pallas. CFP has allowed me to have a much more rewarding ‘job’ – everyday I get to help transform people into physically and mentally stronger versions of themselves. You can’t ask for much more than that. That being said, being an owner, coach, and athlete at CFP doesn’t truly feel like a job to me. I love every minute of every day – I couldn’t ask for a career that gives me a better work life balance than being a leader at CFP.

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