Wedding photography

Professional LGBT friendly wedding photography, capturing your precious moments with a thoughtful eye.

I am a straight ally based in Ithaca, NY. I have a background in social justice and am a believer that there is no hierarchy of oppression. As part of my MSW  (George Warren Brown) I did a dual concentration in social justice and mental health. I would love to shoot your wedding, whether you are two straight allies or are part of the broad based group of our LGBT community. Yes, this means that if you do not fall into either of these two groups I do not believe I am the right photographer for your wedding.

Ithaca based photographer
and here’s preppy me.

I believe that through the power of understanding the system of oppression and through sustained and significant ally-ship only then will we come to attain a world without oppression.  I recently moved back to Ithaca, NY after many years away. Human Rights Campaign. I want to do the good work that is required of someone that is responsibly acting in this community. I am artist that captures beautiful moments regardless of your sexual orientation.  Further, I am from here. I know Ithaca and the surrounding counties. I have lists of great places to shoot. So, if you know you are getting married in Ithaca and looking for a photographer and just want to make sure you’re going to get someone who you can trust with your moments–in the same way that everyone else deserves to have those moments for their lifetimes, may I suggest–me.

In short, I’d love to do your shoot. Contact me if interested.

PS – Just so you know that I’m putting my money where my mouth is, I donate a portion of whatever fee I earn from shooting your wedding to the Human Rights Campaign.




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