Models Wanted

Become my model. I am always looking for new interesting models for my glamour and artistic portfolio.
I don’t mean any Playboy like babydoll models, but really wonderful human beings.

Do you want to model? Ask yourself these three questions first.

->-<- Do you think you have a charismatic face and body. Do you have body language?

->-<- Are you nice, talkative and say an open minded person? because this is just as important as external beauty.

->-<- do you feel relaxed and comfortable during the photo shooting?

If you answered yes to these, then I think we could work together.

My interest in modeling came after seeing the work of and working with Bob Reuter, Saint Louis based retro photographer. He has a magic with people, young and old–male and female. An unflinching desire to see who they are, their blemishes and their perfect angles. I believe in doing justice and showing respect to all of those I am lucky to spend these moments with. I would love to work assist in your modeling career.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take photos of ANY model?

No. I am interested in the human spirit. That goes beyond commercial beauty or a pulse.

Do you pay money to your models?

No, I do not pay new models and I might add that I am not looking to get paid by you. I never work with "paid models". I am looking for models who are interested in my/our photographs, not in money. The interest in money first and art second is never a winning combination.

Why do models work with you?

Models who work with me because they want photographs done by me. Some of them want the experience to say they've modeled, some are looking to refresh their portfolio. Whatever brings us together I believe in the spirit of connection in art.

Do you give photographs to your models?

Yes, this is why they come to me, they always get photographs.

How many photographs and in which form (digital, paper media…) you give to the model?

It is hard to say - I give the model all photographs I select as the best representations of our work together. Photographs are in a digital form (jpg) and mostly in resolution 1200 x 800 px - but this is not a rule. Models who work repeatably with me sometimes want just one new shot. It all depends on what we're both looking for.

Do you have also some paid jobs for models?

Yes, sometimes. But for commercial purposes I work only with models I know very well, I never use new models for paid jobs.

What languages do you speak?

I speak Romanian, Spanish and English.

Do you take nude photographs? or What if I don’t want to be naked?

It is 100% up to the model in what ways they would be most comfortable in a shoot. I suggest ahead of time that we meet, for coffee and do some face shots as a warm up. The chemistry between a photographer and their model is extremely important. We will discuss your edges and I will never ask you for more. I will not take any voyuer-like photos of you or publish something you don't agree with.

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