Mariah believes in the harvest, the process of the land giving and receiving. We are all tied together by the food, the crop that comes in and then feeds her community. She has a warm heart, ideas and is passionate about her community. It’s a pleasure to introduce Mariah, a beautiful Ithacan.


Where are you from and can you tell us one beautiful memory from your childhood?
MD: I was born on Cape Cod, in a small town called Falmouth. And have lived for most of my childhood in the Northeast. I spent a lot of my childhood playing outdoors, one of my favorite games was building “knome” homes out of smooth river rocks, sticks and leaves in the small brooke behind our home. The spring was my favorite time for this game because the air smelled so fresh from the melting snow.

I know you left and came back to Ithaca, what makes this place home?
MD: My family really makes Ithaca home as well as the many outdoor swimming options(lakes, rivers, waterfalls, etc.) I also appreciate the strong sense of community that Ithaca has.

Tell us a little bit about what keeps you busy?
MD: I am really passionate about cooking. I love cooking healthy & artful meals for my friends and family using fresh local ingredients. I also love searching for cool vintage finds at antique store or garage sales and creative DIY projects.

What attracted you to the Beautiful Ithaca project?
MD: I am really passionate about supporting our local economy and try to shop & eat as local as possible. I love the idea of a calendar supporting local businesses and pushing our local economy. When you spend $100 dollars in Ithaca with locally owned businesses $68 stays in our local economy vs. non locally owned businesses $57 leave the local economy and $43 stay. I also really care about supporting socially responsible businesses that care about giving there workers living wages, sell fair-trade items and social investments in our community. I think this project can offer a lot of support to the local community. (Facts taken from The Guide to being Local from Local First Ithaca)

Thank you Mariah.

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