Shona has a way about her. She’s sweet, kind and looks as if she would rather be hugging a koala bear than studying to earn her doctorate. She’s a wise one and seems like she’d make an awesome friend to just about anyone who was up for serious reciprocation. A world traveler, a smart cookie who can tell you the ins and outs of how to put you back together. I introduce, Shona, an Ithacan, an activist and seeker of truth and one your Beautiful Ithaca models.


Where are you from and can you tell us one beautiful memory from your childhood?
I was born with Scottish and American citizenship and an intention to travel the world. I live in NY but travel to Scotland frequently to be with my family. Traveling is my passion, as I have explored 27 countries in my 22 years here. One vivid memory from childhood was leaning against the window of a plane over Canada watching the Aurora Borealis at eye level. I remember feeling like I was flying among blue waves in the night sky. At this moment I realized my love of flight.

I know you are not from Ithaca, what makes this place home to you now?
I have come to love Ithaca during my four years at Ithaca College. I feel at home surrounded by the natural beauty and the lovely town.

Tell us a little bit about your studies in Ithaca College and how it may relate to modeling?
I am enrolled in a six-year program at Ithaca College to achieve my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. The body fascinates me. It is the greatest, most complex, and most beautiful instrument a person has, and I am passionate about helping it function to its greatest ability. I have studied abroad in China to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Belize to learn about herbal remedies, and in New Zealand where I learned about many holistic therapies. It is my dream to be a traveling holistic physical therapist, constantly learning the healing ways of different cultures, while treating people in pursuit of better health. My love of the body has attracted me to the type of modeling that reveals each person’s unique and beautiful instrument.

What attracted you to the Beautiful Ithaca project?
Ever since returning from studying abroad in New Zealand a year and a half ago, I have felt tied down to the conformity of college; confined by rigorous schoolwork and strict mundane schedules, and surrounded by people who do not seem to understand my wanderer’s mindset on life and the world I have seen. When I found the Beautiful Ithaca project I knew this was a perfect opportunity to please my adventurous spirit while immersing myself in the community and supporting great causes I believe in.

What message do you hope to convey in your month?
Beauty can only be perceived with a serene mind, which is why it is possible to live a dream.


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