Beautiful Ithaca Calendar

I am planning on doing an Ithaca Calendar slash Finger Lakes Calendar, code name “Beautiful Ithaca”. This part of the country is just darn beautiful  isn’t it? And in Ithaca and our surrounding community of the Finger Lakes, I firmly believe reside the most beautiful people for many many miles around, oh you beautiful Ithacans. We also live in a part of the country that is under the threat of massive exploitation due to economic hard times. As artists and creative types society tells us that we have no roll in the political or social economic process. Nothing could be less true. We have the potential to create and do anything. So here’s the idea:

Greetings to you beautiful Finger lakes, Beautiful Ithaca–

Do you believe in the nexus of community organizing, artistic expression and find the Finger Lakes absolutely incredible? Do you believe that you can make a difference? My name is Lex Enrico Santí and I’m a local photographer and activist that wants to do a community project. Find more about me here. I’d like to create an amazing calendar that captures the beauty that is the Finger Lakes.

I’m interested in doing something artistic, fun and even sexy. Something that shows our spunk as a community and that shines a spotlight on what is great about the Finger Lakes. I grew up here and I’m only now coming truly back home. I want produce something incredible that honors this gorgeous part of the world and that when sold gives it all back to an organization that is fighting to protect this part of the community.

I’d like to get 12 beautiful Ithacans/fingerlakeans.
Take shots in 12 beautiful scenes of our community.
Find 12 local businesses who will back this project financially and allow us to sell the calendar in their location.
and raise at least 12,000 dollars for a local organization that is fighting to protect our community.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

1. Do a search for good looking men and women who are looking to get into modeling and take lots of photos and make a final cut somewhere around May.
2. Recruit local restaurants and wineries to back this project and lend their storefronts to sell the calendar a month from the calendar to promote their business.
3. Match up beautiful scenery, in beautiful Ithaca with beautiful Ithacans slash FingerLakeans and create a calendar that serves the community.
**A portion of the money raised will go to a local organization.

Possible organizations ripe for support include: anti-fracking initiatives, homelessness, education equity and many other possibilities, land protection organizations.

So far we have picked seven women for the project, I continue to be accepting applications for models that would like to work on the project.

Sound good? Want to be involved? Use the contact form. I’ll be recruiting models from this coming year on an annual basis.

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