i365 Photo Project: 2010-2011

From March of 2010 until March of 211 I did an i365 project.

I took a picture a day for 365 days. I used a bunch of different iPhones from the 3 to the 4 in one year. I gave myself 24 hours to do it every day and I went a lot of places that year. From Costa Rica, to Oregon, to Saint Louis to Ithaca. It was an incredible year. I got into it, as you can probably tell. If you click over here you can see all of the pictures I took. In a spiffy Vimeo and Youtube videos.  The Vimeo video is much better and actually has some commentary about the locations and musicians photographed.


i365 photo project; a picture a day for a year [alexissanti.com] from Alexis Santi on Vimeo.





Otherwise, here are what I thought of the best pictures.


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